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Thread: cycle help??

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    Question cycle help??

    Okay here goes I am 30 years old 5'8" about 165lbs bf roughly12-13% and I have worked out on & off for 12 years more on than off, no significant diet until sometime last year when the metabolism came to what seems to be a screeching halt. After many months of mixed thoughts I decided to go with a very basic cycle and since my goal is small gains and a leaner vascular look I went with TT Stanol V, 1cc every 2 days. I got my 20ml bottle all checked out with pics, holograms and shrink-wrap on outer box seems perfect got my syringes and charted my cycle and set a lean high <a href="" target="_blank">protein</a> diet. Turns out that in start of week 4 the bottle is empty seems like they are a bit under filled. I went to my source he states he never had this complaint but is willing to give me a great discount on another bottle which is readily available in other words I will not miss my next shot. However he also has EQ which I have also read great things about.

    So here is my question should I get another bottle of the TT Winstrol and just continue out my 8 weeks
    go with just the the EQ for 10 weeks
    both and if both should I just stack them together so Winstrol is weeks 1-8 and EQ weeks 4-12
    Just start over with the EQ for 10 weeks and in week 8 go with the TT Winstrol till week 13???

    Be nice..
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    you don't want to take the winny for more than 5 weeks anyway its too heard on your liver. you also should have taken it 50mg ed not eod. if you want to start the eq then at least get some test to go with it. good luck.

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    Finish off the winny at the end of week 5. Run the EQ at 400-600 mgs a week for ateast 10 less. If you could get some Test it would really help out. Eq is fairly mild so a test base will help you alot as far as your gains. Test Prop or Test Enthanate either one......You will need to shoot the prop at 100 mgs a day (every day) or Test Enth. at 500 mgs a week (250 monday/250 thurs.) Good luck bro......Trevor

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    IMO this whole cycle is poorly planned. No offense but next time it would help to spend a little more time on the planning. You don't wanna run winny that long but it is kinda late to start EQ.

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