Hey guys,

Just need soem quick help.

I'm doing: Week 1-10: 500mg of Sust. Shots Mon and Thurs.
Week 1-10: 400mq of Eq. Shots Mon and Thurs
Week 8-13: 50mg of Winny ED
Clomid day after last winny tab: Day 1: 300mg
Next 10 Days: 100mg
Next 10 Days: 50mg

Now I want to keep the bloat down and I can't get my hands on any liquidex, but I can get Nolva. How should I use the Nolva and will it keep the bloat down?????

Thanks for the help guys, I would never do a cycle without coming here first. My cycle starts April 14th and I'm so excited. My goal is to lose 10 pounds of fat and put on 20 pounds of muscle. I have my diet in check and I'm training like a bull. Plus I'm running 3 miles a day.