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Thread: Thanks!!!

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    To all that post!

    I've been here for a few months and have learned alot, and it's
    helped me alot. I cuold not have been so succsessful without all
    of you.

    Please comment on my results, diet, cycle plan, or throw out advise
    you see fit.

    height: 5' 8"
    age: 28
    b/f%: ?(alot)

    date: 10/16/02 302 lbs.

    date: 4/4/03 244 lbs. DOWN 58LBS!!!!!!!!

    Diet (not always but ussally)
    6:30 protien shake, 1 banana

    9:30 2 cans of tuna

    12:30 2 cans of tuna

    3:30 protien shake

    6:30 chicken breast and vegies(or turkey )

    9:30 cottage cheese

    also if I feel I need something through out the day (as in carbs)
    I do not deprive myself but only indulge if I truley need it.

    Not until I loose more body fat, probally this fall. I would like
    to be about 210 before i join the darkside

    wk 1-4 d-bol 40mg ed
    wk 1-12 test eth 500mg wk
    wk 1-12 eq 400mg wk (or deca )
    clomid after
    nolva on hand

    Again please comment and offer advise, all is appreciated!!!!!!!

    p.s I take efa's,cla,multivit,

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    I'm guessing maybe too much tuna? Some say eating too much is not good for you, cuz of mercury or some shit like that. Maybe bring it down to two cans a day, max three? I'm not sure about this myself, I used to eat three cans a day, and still do sometimes. In terms of breakfast, maybe get some more real food in there, instead of just having a shake. Maybe get some eggs every other day, or whenever possible if you have time. And if your dieting or worried about fat, then just eat the whites.

    Your cycle which you will probably run this fall looks good. Seems like a good basic cycle, and it's good that you are running the EQ for a long time, seems to be more effective. EQ or Deca ? I'd say stick with the EQ, it seems to be a favourite amongst a lot of people. You can either do enanthate or sustanon . Personally I think sustanon is great.

    Good luck,

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