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    Question about fina/prop/cutting

    WHile reading through the archives I have seen fina, winny and prop mentioned a lot for cutting cycles.

    My question is. If you are cutting with this gear,(in my case, looking to use fina and prop) what should your diet look like?

    I mean, when they say cutting cycle, shouldn't you follow a cutting diet? And if so, are you going to grow (from what I have read you will not).

    Can you use this juice to bulk?

    So, my next question is, when using juice for a cutting cycle, are you following a high cal diet, or a low cal diet.

    Am I making sense here? It has been a long day.

    I am going to do a fina/prop cycle, but right now I am trying to loose fat. I was going to do the cycle while tring to loose fat, but people said I wouldn't gain anything. I am rambling here so I am going to go, hopefully someone will understand what I am saying/asking and be able to help.


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    yes you willl gain!!! When cutting your average gain "for me "is about 10lbs. But your cardio and diet plays a major role. Fina can be used in either bulk or cut and the prop will give the "harden " apperance. And for winny I always finish it with bulk and cut.

    good luck

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