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Thread: update on t3

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    update on t3

    First off want to thank the bro's that have helped me out with my t3 adventures...this is definately the site to be on, the others haven't been truthfull nor as helpful. I appreciate the help.

    I had put a post on the board earlier, friday i think..talking about if t3 made you feel lethargic. well, the bro's responded with change my diet.. i've been eating more carbs and i feel 20 times better, i was on a very low carb /sugar restricting diet and since i've upped everything, i don't get the intense heating feeling or the headaches..i was getting those at 25mcgs! i'm at 50 now with no problems.. will be upping in a couple days.. i think i'm getting greedy though and eating a lot of stuff i normally wouldn't...big time over indulgence.. i'm going to be really strict again on monday..but i think i just depleted all my carbs way too fast..and was getting really shitty feelings..

    anyways. that's the update..thanks for all the help..especially pain and abstrack on the pm's!

    stay well bros

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    First off welcome bro, and good to hear you are feeling better.


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