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    cutting cycle need testomony!

    I was planning to do dnp but everyone bashed me here and frankly after reading about it with my busy life I think it is impossible. However I decided to go the much safer route. I am planning liquathy/liquaclen and eca cycle/winny 50mged. With cardio once before breakfast and once at night. and ofcource clean diet. Is this a good cycle! I am currently 11% bodyfat. for summer I want to be around 6-7%. Is this possible with this plan.

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    yeah mate its relatively good, but i would add some test in there.... the main thing you need when you cut is to get your diet and cardio in order, the test will hopefully make sure you keep all or atleast a large propotion of your gains...

    clen /eca could work well, if you alternative each for two weeks, never use them at the same time!!! i find te stack is quite effective, and even more so when used with test, as test increase the number of beta3 receptors making the drugs more effective

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    if u are going to add test in make it prop...less water retention and a shorter ester make it a good choice when paired with the winny.

    just stick with clen /eca and cardio...i wouldn't do cardio twice a day as you will find it to be less beneficial than once a day...just up the intensity and length of your pre-breakfast session if you want to shed pounds and maintain your muscle.

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