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Thread: cycle help

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    cycle help

    hey this is my fourth cycle. I am 19 yrs old 6'1 245 15%bf. I want to put on lean muscle mass. My cycle experiences are 1st cycle 250 mg test enathate, then 50 mg winni eod, 75 mg fina eod. Then I did 750 mg of sust a week. I want to harden my body.
    i was thinking
    weeks 1-3 50 mg prop ed
    weeks 1-10 500 mg enath
    weeks 1-10 400 mg eq
    weeks 2-8 75 mg fina ed
    weeks 10-13 50mg prop ed
    start clomid week 14
    1.25 mg letrozole eod weeks 1-14
    nolvo on hand

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    no help

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    well firt thing s firt have patience ladd!someone will gt to u in time ..ok i should say ur too your to start gear even though uve doen what 2 cycle s?but anyway,havin said that ,ur cyle look solid i like it but do it likr this
    1-3 50 mg prop ed or 100 eod,
    1-10 500 enenthate
    1-10 400 eq
    7-13 75 mg fina ed
    10 -13 50 mg ed prop thats how u do it bro !

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