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Thread: Helppppppp!!!!

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    Just planning my next cycle need some advice or some changes..

    this is what i have come up with..

    1-4 week d-bol's @ 50mgs ed
    1-6 sus @ 250 eod
    1-10 deca @ 2 cc's per week
    7-12 enth @ 3 cc's per week
    8-14 winny @ 50mg eod
    8-14 tren @ 60 mg eod

    and of course i have all my anti's and clomid and hcg for my post cycle...
    i decide to run my sus for the first 6 weeks because sus enters the body quickly to take advantage of the d-bol's.. plus changing the test ester every 6 week will not allow my body to get used to the same ester...

    any advice or changes...


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    What are your stats?

    What mg of deca - if it is 300 - 2cc will have you 600cc/wk
    is the enth 250? so 750/wk

    That is alot of sause you got there. I hope this is not your 1st or even 2/3rd cycle. If the deca is 300 you will have 600mg of deca 350 of dbol and 875 of sust a week for almost 2gram (1825). That is alot man.
    also - I don't think changing the ester has any effect as far as your body getting use to it. The ester is just the wrap of the test and controls its release. Once the sust gets to about the 17-21st day it is balanced out at an almost constant amount (when ran eod like you are). I would just stick with the sust. Or if you want to cut at the end - then I would prop with the tren . Also - 60mg eod of tern is low. EOD most want 100-150mg, and with the large dosages of everything else you are taking i am sure you can handle 50-80mg/ed or 100-150mg/eod.

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