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Thread: clomid again?

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    clomid again?

    so i have to increase the dosage..

    3 weeks after the last shot of deca ? so i just use clomid ass a singel thing?

    I`ve heard that i should start using clomid after 6 weeks of treatment, is that true?

    how much propionate should i take a week?

    i need your opinion..

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    Your post is kind of confusing man, I guarantee a search would yield you much info, but usually 3 weeks after your last shot you start clomid and run it
    day 1 - 300
    day 2-11 100 ED
    day 12-21 50 ED
    and i dont understand you last question, are you asking how much test prop to run?? If so I think you should hold off the juice a little longer.

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