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    Question on the tests done for test.

    Ok many of u know my brother is going to be doing a test only cycle before his college football career begins. He is 19, 6'3" 235 lbs. His cycle will be

    wk 1-1000mgs test ennthate/100 mgs prop mon wedn frid
    wk 2-500 mgs test enn/ same with the prop
    wk 3-" "
    wk 4-" "
    wk 5-only enanthate at 500 mgs wk
    wk 6-" "
    wk 7-" "
    wk 8-" "
    wk 9-" "
    wk 10-" "

    HCG then clomid following. I know that might be a bit much but he needs to keep all his gains and he needs to not have any ball problems.
    So anyway I know they test for test by a 6:1 test to epitest ratio. Now if he does get tested, and enanthate is in his system, how inflated will his ratio be in August, as it should be gone by sept. And wouldn't elevated lvls be fairly common among 19 year olds? I mean they say thats your sexual peak, maybe their ratio is higher. Q for all the vets.


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    Well since no one has viewed my post and its buried then I'm gonna go ahead and buabumpitybump it.

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