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    Newbi...FIRST CYCLE

    OK alittle info about me.. 26 Im 5' 7 about 170lbs 16- 18% body fat.

    This is what i got

    100 pills 5MG Dbol Thai pinkys
    8 vials of Deca 200mg each
    28 tabs of 50MG of Winni
    a box of clomid
    And some GHB

    How any suggestions on how to cycle these... Im only looking to gain 15lb of pure rock solid muscle and also lose any access body fat. I was thinking of doing this...
    WEEKS 1-4 Dbol 15mg for first week..20 next 2 weeks, then 25 therafter
    WEEKS 1-8 Deca, 1 vial a week
    WEEKS 1-12 GHB 2g a day
    weeks 5-8 Winni 50mg a day
    weeks 10-12 Clomid 100mg a day for first week and 50 a day the rest.

    Does this sound cool???? ALSO FIRST TIME DOING SELF INJECTIONS....WHERE IS THE MOST EASIEST PLACE? I hear upper buttox, and if so how deep do i stick the 1.5 inch needle????

    Any suggestions will be cool.

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    What are you saying a vial is? You mean just 1cc of 200mg? If so, that might not be enough. I would personally take the deca at 300-400mg/week for around 10 weeks, and wouldnt take it w/o test as a base. The dbol seems a little conservative, but i am also conservative with that stuff (too hard on my liver). Dont know about ghb. I think the winny should also be run longer. and i would take 300mg spaced out through the first day of clomid therapy.
    As far as injecting goes, if you are new, the glute is going to be the simplest. Stick it in just about all the way in, about 1 1/4 inch is what i do.

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    You need more gear than that bro. Also, clomid starts 3 wks after last deca shot, not 2. Usually its run in the 300/100/50 split too. Not too sure about the GHB as in how much 2G is equivalent too...approx how many capfuls would that be ?

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    Yeah, I'm new as well and I inject in the glutes...I have had NO pain, No problems whatsoever.....Best advice is don't think about it. Just do it. the more you think, the more your screwed. It is painless.......

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    Bro save the deca and d-bol for another cycle get some test enanthate or cypoinate. Do a test cycle for your first.


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    Re: Newbi...FIRST CYCLE

    Originally posted by madeguy2
    And some GHB

    might as well get high if your juicing!

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