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Thread: Combination?

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    Question Combination?


    I read about the propionate and the deca ..

    And i`m gonna use it, but i can`t find any sites where it stands how i should combine it..

    Shall I use the propionate by itself and when i`m finished with that then start deca?

    Or should i take the steroids at the same time?

    And a guy in this forum said that i should start take clomid 3 weeks after my last shot of deca, i misunderstood it a bit..

    Shall I take it from the take i`m finished with deca or wait 3 weeks after i`m finished?


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    you need to do more research and reading. generally, you want to take the deca and prop at the same time.

    something like....

    weeks 1-13 prop 50 mgs ED
    weeks 1-10 deca 300 mgs EW

    anti-estrogens and clomid on hand. start clomid two days after last shot of prop. thats the way to run that cycle IMO.

    whats your stats/age/cycle history?

    you really need to read alot more before you jump into a cycle. good luck bro..

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    I have been reading for many years now, and i feel i know the things, but i just wanted to hear your opinion..

    I been training for 5 years now, and i am 27 years old..

    I have bought 1000 mg propionate and 2000 mg with deca , and i also got clomid..

    So the thing i wanted to know was different combinations of injections.. I already had one solution for myself, but like io said i wanted your opinion..

    Maybe i could got some tips.. u see?

    I`m gonna use it for 10 weeks i think, what do u say?

    Thanks for answering mye qestion about clomid, i`ll start using it 2 days after last shot of propionate..

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