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    How come i cant draw with a 25 g 1" needle?

    Is this too narrow to draw anything? Heck i cant even suck up water with it, even after i push,nothing enters the syringe..

    How many of u bros use different pins to draw versus shoot, i dont want to deal with the hassel of switching needles for shooting, so any suggestions on a delicate medium between an 18 guage for drawing and a 25 gauge for shooting? IF its not a big enough gauge i guess it will draw nothing?

    I guess i was needle shy eventhough i give blood donations all the i dont know why i went and bought this size, and i bought 1.5"

    Post me or pm me with ur helpful info!!!

    Man i am educating on these posts and i got soo much more going through my head about injecting..the whole thing about accounting for the stuff in the needle is driving me bonkers..

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    You can draw with it. It just takes while depending on what it is you are trying to draw up. I have waited as long as 2-3 minutes at times for a 25ga to draw up 1ml of omnadren .

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    That's why most people buy 18g pins to draw and 23-25g pins for a harpoon.

    I've waited a LONG time drawing fina with just a 23g pin, if you have some good time to waste then go for it.

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    It is too small there was a tread about this earlier do a search and you should be able to find it. Sumed up it is because drawing you are using the forces of a vacum, pushing you are using solid pushing. That is why you can push oil thru a 25g a lot easier than drawing it.


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