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    late start with sust?

    Bros, I have a quick question about a cycle I'm's my first ever, and i'm about to start week 3 of 10 with deca ....but unsure of what to stack it with, i keep changing my mind since i want to avoid major water retention...would i be too late to mix it with sust? or does anyone have any suggestions as per the stats below? i can get my hands on some d-bol, sust, winny (oral or injectable) or just plain test....I'd appreciate any feedback, thanks alot

    147 lbs
    22 yrs old
    cut, low body fat
    Working out 2 years
    150 mg protein/day

    Week 1 to 10 : 300mg deca
    week 13+Clomid
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    a deca only cycle ???? hope you're able to get your pecker up. you won't see tremendous gains off this cycle, but it'd probably be a little better than nothing at all.

    it's not really too late to add anything else. only problem is sus will take about til week 6 to start kickin in, so then you're left with 4 weeks of the combo.

    you could run winny the last 5 1/2 weeks (50 mg's EOD - 1 20 cc bottle will last you 40 days).

    you could even throw in some test prop right now.

    also up your protein intake.

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    You will hold very little water the sus250, run it a min of 250mg every 3 days.......... if you want the least amount of water retention run 100mg test prop eod.......... you will more than likely hold more water with the deca than the sus or prop. have nolva on hand.

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    test is not too late to start at week 4?

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