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    How should I work Clen in.

    Hey guys how should I work in clen in this cycle.

    week 1-16: .5 mg liquidex ED
    week 1-10: 250mg of Sust.
    week 1-10: 200mg of EQ.
    week 8-13: 50mg winny ED
    next 21 days Clomid

    I'm trying to lose about 5 to 6 % body fat while put on some solid quality muscle.

    How should I work in the clen and should I bump up the sust to 750mg a week

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    No offense but I find it very hard for you to lose 5% BF and put on some muscle on a 13 week cycle. Bump the sust up to 500mg not 750mg (if this is your first cycle). Do the clen either with the cycle to get the benefits of cutting with the gear. Or use the gear to get cut and then use the clen post cycle to lose some BF. The choice is yours.


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    pain is 100% correct...dropping 5% off body fat is very difficult unless you have alot of fat to lose...

    if you were 300lbs and 20% then dropping 5% would not be difficult but if you are sub 15% at the moment it will be very difficult and you will sacrifice gains for the bf drop. i generally am ecstatic when i lose 1% off of a 2/2 clen /eca stack.

    i'd go with pain's latter recommendation as clen at the end/post cycle always works best for me.

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    cant drop that much bf while gaining that much muscle in a long cycle you can probably work two cycles of clen into it, but first you have to pick your main goal, if you want to cut or add mass, for cutting i think that your cycle would be ok with a few modifications, i would definetly bum the EQ to 400mg, the sus at that low dose is fine for maitninece levels of test while cutting, liquidex is a good dose, i would start it one week before the cycle though, winy you may atually want to go with less depending on your experience with it, for alot of people it dries out their joints, now as far as clen, you can run it the first three weeks, then tak a three week break then run it again, durring the three week break use a yohimbe based fat burner, on your first time using clen start off low and add to the dose until you reach a tolerence for some people this is low at 3 tabs per day some people at 6 tabs per day assuming you are using 20mcg tabs, once you find your correct dose keep at that level until you finish, some people will argue and say to taper down because thatts what people told them or thats what they read somewhere else, but i have found that by going directly from clen to a yohimbe based fat burner their is no need for tapering down because you will not crash with the other fat burner, then you can run the fat burner for three weeks, drop it and start another three week clen cycle, followed by the yohcl afterwards to prevent crashing, running T3 with clen is also good as your levels of t3 will naturally decline while on clen, so you can keep a low dose of T3 daily, i dont like to run a hi dose of it cause you will burn WAY too much and find your self having to eat protien every hour

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