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    post cycle help!

    i'm going to be taking an 8 week cycle of d-bol sus, how much novaldex should i take daily and when should i start it?

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    You should use clomid for post cycle recovery

    Day 1 300mg/day
    Day 2-14 100mg/day
    Day 15-21 50mg day

    You can use nolva for recovery, but I am unsure of the doses.

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    gotta wait three weeks after alst shot of sust as well, other wise test levels will be to high to stimulate natty test production, durring these three week wait it is common to run an androgenic oral like winny or proviron , i like proviron during these weeks its good for stimulating the sex drive while test is slowly droping and it keeps your muscled nice and hard, this is also the reason most people over lap their winny at the end of the cycle

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