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Thread: Time for Nolva?

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    Time for Nolva?

    I'm going on my third week of EQ at 400mg/wk. I'm getting pains in my left nipple. I was going to save my Nolvadex until I started my test, but should I start it now? I don't feel any lumps or nothing but just a sharp pain.

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    DEFENETLY!! No questions asked... take 60mg for a few days, then drop to 40mg ed ... dont fuck around with that bro

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    Yes, you should start, although it is rare for gyno symptoms to appear with EQ only compared to test or any other highly androgenic AS...everyone is different though and you may be more prone to gyno than others...dose the Nolva as blakyr said...stay on through your whole cycle with a maintanence dose of 20mg ED or at least until soreness in nips subside...

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