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Thread: D-Bol

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    I have friend who weighs 170lbs. He's very short so he's no bean pole and has been lifting for a few years. He has some reforvit-b and is having a hard time finding a dosage scheme for a 4-5 weeks cycle. Any help? By the way I'm currently telling him that he should run some test with it. I think he's coming around! Thanx

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    Reforvit-B nly cycle is bullshit...he nneds to at least throw some test in there. Tell him to drink it, not shoot's dirty shit. I would tell him to take 1-2 cc's ED, depending on how he feels...I'd start out with one and work my way up...

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    what gains he will get with dbol he will loose its primarily to jump start a cycle..

    but 50mgs is an easy way of doing it .. break the pills up and take 4 times a day.
    adding test with that would be a smart choice aswell

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