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    problem with a first time d-bol cylce

    i just put in my money for my first cylce or steroids , i will be getting 200 tabs of d-bol and some clomid for after the cycle. i have a problem though, i can not find any way to break up the 200 tabs into a good six week cycle. i thought about going

    week 1----20 mg
    week 2----25
    week 3----30
    week 4----30
    week 5----25

    and on week six, break it up into days and take the dosage down really gradually, which i hope will help raise my testosterone levels a little bit and prepare my body for day x

    week 6--day 1---20mg
    day 2---20
    day 3---15
    day 4---15
    day 5---10
    day 6---10

    there is no day seven because at that time i run out of tabs...if anyone can give me some feed back on this breakdown i would greatly appreciate it. thanks everyone.....and keep lifting....

    "GO HARD OR GO HOME..."----ME

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    i would think twice before you do a d-bol only cycle.a waist of time and money imo...

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    if youre going to run it alone(which i dont recommend) i wouldnt run it any more than 5 weeks @30-40mg ed.
    gains kept from dbol only are few and far between bro. make sure you run your clomid, and you might have a shot. have an anti-e handy as well, unless you know you arent gyno prone.

    peace IFL79

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    as these guys said, have atleast Test if you can get it to go along

    and if you have planned to do a DBOL only cycle, you DEFINITELY need to increase dosage [20 mg is NOTHING]

    go for your weeks @ 40 mg ED

    8 tabs ED for 4 weeks will cut it [ your need 24 more tabs]
    you will be 3 days short, so you can taper your cycle

    WK 1 30 mg ED [42 tabs]
    WK 2,3 40 mg ED [112 tabs]
    WK 4 30 mg ED [42 tabs]

    and you have whole 4 tabs left

    whats your stats anyway?

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    I read another post about this recently....a dbol only my say stick with what these guys say...u definately need to stack it with something, u take dbol only, your gonna loose a good amount of your gains...and probably just be wasting the money....goodluck

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