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    D-Bol only cycle

    I am a first time steroid user and i just got a hold of a cycles worth of d-bol tabs. i have read a lot of mixed results on this forum regarding a d-bol only cycle. but is it really true that i am just wasting my time with a d-bol only cycle? i really need some feedback on this..thanks everyone..


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    Dbol is best used to begin a cycle that will give you more solid results - basically to get a jump on the better gear. Popular vote on Dbol is the gains are easy - but not too permanent. In addition to the fact that in order to get a quality dose of androgens per week just using Dianabol your daily Dbol dose could quickly become liver toxic becasue of it's 17A modification to make it orally effective. If you are very light bodyweight - it may be okay... but there are better options.

    If you insist on it I would suggest Dbol w/50 mg Clomid ED. The daily Dbol dose at about 1mg per 5 pounds of lean weight. And then load the Clomid when you finish. Or... run it with Proviron and finish with Clomid.. either way. Depending on the dose... 4-6 week cycles.

    Adding something more anabolic like Deca or Equipoise would be much more rewarding... and permanent.

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    Whenever I'd run dbol (only) it was as a bridge,You should get some results depending on your wt. your dosage and how well you respond to dbol.If your a first timer you will notice a change do to likely bloat,but a increase in strength also.

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