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Thread: gyno prone?

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    gyno prone?

    What do you guys think? I've done one cycle of sust 500 mgs a week. At the end of my cycle I noticed my nipples were a little puffy. Nothing too obvious though. My nipples were never puffy. I did clomid after and nothing really changed. My next cycle will be test enath. 500 mgs a weekweeks 1- 10, eq 400 mgs a week weeks 1-10 and dbol 25 mgs a day weeks 1-4. I have clomid,HCG and femara on hand. Should I wait until I see signs of gyno to start the femara or should I just begin to take it. I was thinking maybe 2 pills a week, or just waiting to see if gyno comes up then begin to take it. What do you guys think?

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    I would run the femara throughout. You can do 1/2 pill EOD or 1 pill E3D.

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