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    Another N00b with questions...

    Ok I'm just a normal guy who wanted a little boost in his workout routine. I bought a bottle of Bold QV, Vitex as a anti-e (still looking for a better one) Milk thistle, and I got the only syringes I could find (29ga .5" 1cc, I know, they suck) Since the neadles were soo short I injected into my shoulder. Let me tell you that thick shit was hard as hell to get into the syringe then out of it again in a 29ga syringe. A few of my questions are:

    What do you guys think about Bold QV? I'm not expecting much, I know it's not like I'm stacking Decca dbol and am not expecting that kind of results. Just a little edge.

    While I was injecting I had a long time to think, I was wondering what would happen if I had hit a blood vessel or vain and kept injecting?

    And yes I know a half inch needle sucks ass, I'm going to try to find some longer ones.


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    How old are you?


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    Looks like you have alot of research to do. The search function on here works wonders, all the questions are you asked are pretty common and should eb easy to find.

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