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    a lot of HGH questions

    Well, i've heard LOTS of stuff about the dosage of HGH, and everybody tells me a different story.

    What i really want to know is:

    1- is e/day enough for a good cycle?
    2- more than 2.ius e/day is a waste of money?
    3- what is the minimum dosage to see the results?
    4- we can gain more than 20lbs of an hgh cycle only?
    5- does the hgh keep the testoterone receptors open?

    i think those are the question that all the "almost" newbees like me want's to know about, and i really think this forum is the best place to get my problem solve.

    I hope everybody give me a hand on that!!!!!!!!!


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    your questions are mostly length related, 2 ius daily enough? yah if your running for 6 months, more than 2 a waste? ronnie probably runs like 16 a day, does he look like a waste? minimum dose is length related, 20lbs is really unlikely but then again could be correlated with length of cycle, and hgh works on receptors other than the androgen receptor, so yes keeps test sites open and works best with test (or another AAS) and insulin ...

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