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    mid cycle questions

    In the middle of a Deca (600 per week), and Sust (750 per week ) program.. I am thinking about taking some primo for the last few weeks as I can not get a hold of any winni..
    Any Helps please ????

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    I dont see any need for primo in that cycle and IMO would not make a good replacement for winny, i would save the primo either for a bridge or another cycle, as long as you have proviron or arimidex you should be fine, if you want to harden go with 50mg of proviron daily, it will also help with the supressed sex drive you get from deca , also take the proviron all the way up until the day before clomid therapy it will be really helpful in the sexdrive durring the three weeks that the test is leaving your body in b4 clomid therapy begins

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