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    Whats the best brand of Fina?

    Whats the best brand of Fina? also......

    can anyone name who is in my avatar?

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    I'm assuming you mean other than home made...I'd have to say lfc or EQL...

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    in my oppinion you are best off going with home brew, the instructions are easy to follow and you can buy pellets really cheap ts practically like getting it for free plus that way you know someone is not scaming or under doseing you because you control the does, plus based on how much you wanna take daily in your cycle you can make 50mg/ml, 75mg/ml, or 100mg/ml to better customize it to your need, when you make it your self its the best way to be sure it is clean and sterile since you did it your self, I have never used other then home brew because homebrew seemed like the best option to me always, i will be using home brew again in my current cycle wich tren will be added to next week, I made it 100mg/ml in 25cc of oil this time

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    let us know how that new brew goes bro!

    I have helped tons of members through the first conversion process. If i can help. im here to =) PM me

    Homebrew it, feel like Mr.Wizard, Grow them cows!

    PS no source info please, alot of requests have been comming in.
    I just deal in information, no sources needed or wanted.
    I am not a vet here yet, just a hardcore active fina devotee hehe

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