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    IT'S summer need to get RIPPED!

    Need some help guy's. I am 24 5'9 190 I have been training for about 5 years. I am looking to cut down around 170 ripped! I am solid Yet I could easily loose some fat. I am on the Atkens Diet Training 4 times a week With 30-45 min of cardio. I have tried clen deca and winny stack in the past. Any advice you can offer with be greatly appreciated. I want to be ripped this summer!
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    clen , T3, winny, and tren , for the following reasons,
    you will get no bloat at all so no need for anti-e
    tren and winny work great while on low calorie diets,
    tren is used on cows to increase lean mass with less calories so the farmers can save money on food so think how it will work when dieting, also farmers dont make as much money off fatty beef which is also important
    clen and T3, will shed the fat, keep your appetite low
    you can use NYC stack durring the weeks off of clen to keep burning fat and preventing a crash
    cheap, tren you can make for practically nothing,
    you can add prop to it if you want test and mix them all in the same pin cause they all have to be injected at the same frequency, you can also do a fairly short cycle cause all of these substance are active right away and you get results quick, if you add prop, use arimidex did keep off estrogenic fat

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    Hey bro, if all ur trying to do is lose bf then diet is the key not AS. AS arent weightloss drugs. U need to eat allot but clean on AS in order to grow.


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