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    1. I've been reading up on tren acetate and found mixed reviews. Some say 75 mg every day, others say 75 every other day. Can someone clarify this for me?

    2. What is a better stack (just in general):

    Winny and equipoise OR winny and Deca

    Thanks a million for any and all info.!!!
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    75mg ED for more constant blood levels.

    #2 is a personal preference... Deca Winny has been used together with good results and so has Winny EQ. I still feel that test should be the base of any cycle though...

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    i agree with Tank, you reallly need some test in there... i like tren better than winny for cutting.

    id just run tren/prop/winny. its cheaper than deca /winny anyway, and much more effective IMO.

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    Thanks for the info bros!!

    Could anyone tell me a little more about the deca /winny and eq/winny stacks. I've been reading sooo much using the search button, my eyes are killing me!! I'm trying to find out what would be a better cut cycle:

    Winny/deca or Winny/Eq

    OR would it be wise to run winny, deca, and Eq together?? What would this do??

    Please Help. A cycle chart would be greatly appreciated!!

    As always, thank you all very much for the information!!!

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    IMHO- From what I understand running the deca and eq together is no good since they compete for the same receptor sites. The eq is good to run either way, bulking or cutting it just depends on your diet. Also what works for one may not be to your liking, pending on how may cycles you have done and what your diet and training consits of it is all going to play a vital role also your post therapy is a major thing to consider! If you only listen to one thing I say!! Get all you ancilliraries( spelling?) before you even do one darn thing!! be smart and play smart.
    as far as a cycle chart?? like I said what one persona runs might not be what you should run, i would start small or start at a resonable amount. On the main page there are a list of cycles, also on this board you will find just about every darn combo imaginable from bulking to cutting to dieting to post therapy etc... I dont know if this helps but it is just my .02 for you
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    ok i would not take deca and tren together but im kinda paranoid about pro gyno, anyway i would run prop,tren, and winny if cutting and
    Test Eth (cheap) 1-10
    EQ 1-10 if looking to put on some size...

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