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    nolvadex how much

    i see alot of threads with cycles stating nolvadex oh hand, but
    never mentions how much to take
    how much and when should this be taken during a 12 week
    test and deca cycle 400mg ew per
    clomid post 2weeks

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    When you actually GET gyno symptoms (not just the normal paranoid 'my nipples are swollen'..but the actual pain you feel when gyno starts)

    Nolva@80mg ED for 5 days (symptoms should be greatly reduced and may even vanish by then)
    then Nolva@20mg ED for another 7 days ONLY if you have liquidex (to keep the test in your body from aromatizing) then you can stop the nolva and pick up with the liquidex. If you don't have liquidex then you may be stuck taking Nolva for the remainder of your cycle at 20mg ED.

    I got the above from much research on this board and it's what I recently did to stop my gyno in its tracks.

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