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    Question Help for 32 yr old w/ first cycle

    Appreciate any help! Currently 6'4" 212, put on 12-15 lbs since last april naturally. My goals are a little different then most, I want to put on about 15lbs without bloating up 30lbs. I work at a place where I don't want them to suspect anything and shooting up 30lbs in 12-14 weeks would cause a few heads to turn. Anyway, I am also concerned about hair loss as I have been battling that for many years and have stopped further loss the last 5 years or so. I am currently on .5mg avodart which is the next generation proscar/propecia. Because it stops a huge amount of dht conversion it raises test around 21% but still within normal ranges.

    I have heard winny is harsh on the hair and is a dht derivitive so avodart/proscar would not help. Test converstion to DHT on the other hand would be counter acted by the med I am on (a great thing!). I am not adverse to spending $ on anavar either. I am completely dedicated to my workouts and diet and have struggled to put on weight my entire life. Liver function is perfect, per my doc.

    I was thinking something like:

    1-11 test eth 400 mg
    7-13 anavar 40mg

    novla on hand, and the standard clomid 2 weeks after last test shot. There really is nothing there to jump start the cycle because I am afraid to put on a lot of weight up front with dbol , would something like 10mg dbol do anything for a first timer in weeks 1-4?

    I appreciate the suggestions.

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    I am taking 25 mg/day currently of dbols weeks 1-4, 500mg/test eth and 400 mg deca , it is also my 1st cycle.

    From what I have read 10mg ed of dbol is 5x your bodys normal test.

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    according to your bodywheight, even 20mg of dianabol won't do much.
    to get a kick start, at 210+ lbs, 30mg is a minimum but i wouldn't advise you to use 2 AA17 in the same cycle (even if oxan is considered as very mild)

    if you wanna get easy for a slight kick start, why not use 100mg eod of test prop ?

    don't forget to take creatine with your var, it's works better together

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