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    Quick Questions, Just need an Answers

    I've been looking on the internet for quite awhile and I've been seeing pictures of Durateston, 250mg, 1ml per amp and it's from Organon. I've been seeing pictures but there not EXACTLY THE SAME. Meaning I see a blue stripe around where you file but there's like yellow strip above it and an orange stripe above that. It give's all the Organon Brand.

    And another thing, it's Durateston, stronger than Sustanon , or the same?

    I have 9 amps of durateston, and 3 ml of deca , should I buy 10 more ml of and start 2 or 3 weeks of deca and then start with the Durateston.

    Just acouple answer, that would be appreciated.

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    3 cc's of deca would last you 3 weeks at most. Definitely get more of that if you're looking to throw that into your cycle.

    Durateston is just another name for Sus - so I believe. You'll need a few more amps of this if you're looking to run a cycle for some decent gains.

    As for pictures, there's a lot out there that are fakes, and there's a lot out there that are real. Very hard to differentiate between the two. Check the Pictures forums here and see if there are any of them on this site that a member has posted.

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    RULES TO FOLLOW JOURDANK21,,, if you dont have all your gear BEFORE you start, which includes the full supply of 8-10-12 weeks worth of gear at proper dosadges,(however long ur running it), and your anti e's and clomid for the end. What exactly do you plan on gaining with 3cc's of deca ?? The shit dont even kick in till 3 weeks! Read up my friend, READ UP!! BIG-G

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    I agree with BIG-G 1000% READ the threads.. they are filled with info on gear.. i must have spent 3 weeks searching threw this website looking for the right cycle for me.. it paid off i know all my gear is legit and my knowledge of gear has expanded.. ALSO NEVER EVER START A CYCLE UNLESS You have all the gear up front... its an expensive hobby but your main concern should be on the quality of the product... my advise to you is just read and learn..

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