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    Thumbs up Please Review 1st Cycle

    Bro's please take the time to answer the questions below i have been to many sites and read many books on AS but the advice recieved on this site is top draw!

    This will be my first cycle:
    age: 23
    BW: 185lb
    BF: 12-15%
    Trainning: 7 years on and off consistant for 14months .
    Goals: 10-15lb


    1) my proposed cycle would be one AS either test cyp or Enth but the dosage has really got me i think from reading posts the dosage for 1st cycle would lie between 250-500mg for between 10-12 weeks. Can you give me your advice and experience regarding which i should opt for?

    2) Anti-e's: i know i should have one on hand. I was going to opt for nolva in case of sides but i have also read people should run this at low dosage ed or eod throughout cycle also seems people run all different types of anti-e's which should i run for my cycle and do i need to run throughout?

    3) I will run Clomid i believe 2 weeks after last shot. I have read the fomula for clomid a million times but if you could just put this on one lasttime i'll keep all answers this time!

    Thanks for all your time im not being lazy been researching hard just need advice at this stage


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    4) do i need to frontload?

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    Personally I like Sustanon . Problem with Enanthate is that people sometimes say for it to work well you need to take higher doses, and since you want to take low doses, I'd say just go with the Sustanon. Run something like this, if you can:

    Weeks 1-4 = Dianabol @ 30mg / day
    Weeks 1-12 = Sustanon @ 500mg / week

    Shoot the Sustanon about three days inbetween. You can either do it weekly, like Tuesdays and Saturdays or Wednesdays and Sundays, or you can just shoot it sometime like every 4th day.

    You will need Nolvadex , and although some people run it throughout their entire cycle, this is not mandatory, I have not done that before, and I'm on 750mg of Sustanon a week, and still no signs of gyno, so it is all up to you.

    In terms of Clomid, you start that 3 weeks after your last shot. You take it 300mg first day, 100mg for the next 10 days, and 50mg for the last 10 days, total of 21 days on Clomid. You will need exactly 36 Clomid pills (50 mg each).

    Last, no, you don't need to frontload. If you run the cycle with Dianabol, that will take care of the energy/strength for the first 4 weeks, before the Sus really kicks into high notch. But, even if you decide to run the cycle without Dianabol, which is okay too, still no real need for frontloading.

    Good luck,

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