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    Tragedy strikes a bro while on cycle....

    Well I knew my luck was bad...but sun-of-a-bitch, not this bad....this happened last Friday.

    So I sign up with a new trainer (a big bro who's a juice machine) at my gym...need some help gettin the most outta this cycle and want my wheels to grow. Second day working with him we do a leg day (sweet lord it was gruesome, I was puking and sick afterward - all good though)... Well he's got me doing leg presses on the machine where your head is closer to the ground than your feet (like sitting in a rocket ship).

    I do one set... kinda hurts but no problem.
    I do the second set... hurting worse but no pain no gain!!
    I do the third set and now my chest is hurting pretty bad...

    Fourth set and CRACK. I fractured my damn rib!! I didn't realize that my leg was coming up so far that it was putting pressure against my rib cage... damn lowest rib fractured on the side!!! Took the breath right outta me and had to have my trainer pull the weights up off my leg with the help of another bro.

    I've got another couple weeks on this cycle so lucky me gets to train with a broken rib... ARRRGGGHHHH

    So far hasn't been too bad (other than being outta breath the whole time) but I do legs again later today and man I'm dread'n it! I know it's kinda dumb to keep training like this - but with only 2 weeks left I need to get what I can outta this and don't wanna puss out. My rib can heal some other time when it's not crunch time...
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    That really sucks. You gotta be careful on the leg press. I found that I used to come down too far also. Never hurt my ribs, buy I was rolling my back. I used to wonder why my back hurt all the time. When a guy pointed out this flaw in my technique, I fixed it. Back has been much better.
    Good luck on sticking it out. Sounds like you have the right attitude, as long as you're careful and don't do more damage.

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    i think you got some serious balls, wanting to train with with a busted rib bro. i understand where youre coming from on the juice, and training side of it though, as ive trained with some crazy ass pain and muscle tears myself.
    any way to train around the injury? you might be a little better off in the long run if you let this heal properly......and yes i speak from experience.

    if not, grit your teeth and finish it out bro....

    peace IFL79

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