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Thread: Clen questions

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    Clen questions

    Okay,finally on the last day of DNP .Lost about 7 lbs even though I ran pretty high dosage.Guess I didn't follow strictly according to my planned diet and ate a little more than planned.I am now 72.6kg.Hope to be at about 70kg after the water loss.Will sun tan the day after my last DNP cycle.

    Question : What effects does Clen have? I know I can get DNP easily but the sweat just fvcks me up real good and I'm not about to undergo that again.Does Clen do anything like that? I heard DNP can return Clen it's glory if it's worn on you,but if you've done DNP without Clen,will your first clen cycle be more powerful than usual?

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    Clen is not much different in sides than DNP . Just not as potent. You will still probably sweat if the dosage is right. Clen raises body temp as does DNP. I personally would have done it the other way around (Clen then DNP) but thats just me.

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