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Thread: cycle critique

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    cycle critique

    hey guys im planning on starting the following cycle...wat u think about it?

    250 mg. Sus / week
    200 mg deca /week
    80 mg Tren / ed or eod
    30 mg dbol for first 4 weeks

    should i use nolvadex , liquidex, clomid, or proviron with this?

    any suggestions?

    5'8" 170lbs bout 5 yrs training

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    i would say bump up the sus to 500mgs a week, i know alot of people do it eod, or mwf and like it that way alot...and the tren , why generally comes in 75mgs/ml so 75 would be easy and i would do that ed....i think liquidex should be ran at either .25, or .5 a day, and clomid post cycle

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    If your going to use Sus I would suggest running it @ 500mgs per week. If you wanna stick w/ 250mgs of test for your first time that's fine also but switch to something like Test E or C. (10 weeks)
    Also I would up the Deca to 400mgs per week. 200 isn't going to do shit for you IMO. (10 weeks)
    D-bol dosage and lenght is good.
    Tren @ 80mgs ed would be best. Run that from weeks 1-8.
    Use clomid post cycle and if you want you can run liquidex throughout the cycle to minimize bloat.
    Have nolvadex on hand just incase u need it.

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    I see that everyone is suggesting you up your doses. I think that depends on what your goals are and your prior experience with AAS. I always feel that it is a good idea to start small and work your way up if needed/desired. So again, it depends on your goals and how you have responded to past cycles, (if there were any.)

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    Like this...

    D-bol - 30mg/day weeks 1-4
    Deca 400mg/week weeks 1-8
    Sus - 500mg/week weeks 1-8
    Tren 75mg/day weeks 8-13
    l-dex .05mg/day

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    big swoll hit right on

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