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    Clomid During Cycle?

    I am just about to begin a cycle of Sustanon -500mgs. a week, and Deca -400mgs. a week. I don't plan on taking any anti estrogens during the cycle unless I develop a problem. I of course have my clomid ready for post cycle recovery. Now, I'm reading some articles about taking clomid during a cycle as well as after. The reasoning is that the clomid during cycle will help minimize testicle shutdown in the first place. Thus, making post cycle recovery much easier, and gains more keepable. Any opinions on the subject? Will clomid during cycle interfere with gains the same way that Nolvadex does? Any help is greatly appreciated!

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    The only thing clomid will do during a cycle is help combat testicular atrophy. Since Clomid is a SERM like Nolvadex there may be some minor inhibition in gains although its anti-e properties are not as strong as Nolvadex. I don't think its necessary to do it unless it is an extremely long cycle or you don't like using HCG .

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