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    experts on cycle!

    I am going to run cytomel /clenbeturol/winny. Here it goes.
    week 1-5 cytomel----(.5)(.5)(.5)11122233344444444333322221111(0.5)(0.5 )(0.25)(0.25)

    week1-2 clenbuterol 12345677654321
    week3-4 eca 6 tabs of xenedrenes 5days on 2days off
    week 5-6 clenbuterol same
    week eca same
    week 7-8 clen same

    1-5 Winstrol 50mged and milk thistle
    45mins cardio in the morning before breakfast
    cut carbs to 150 grams and increase protein to 300 grams!

    What do I expect from this 2months cycle which I will start On may 3rd!
    curently I weight 200 and bf is about 11.5%
    And I don't have any money to add testostrone to the cycle if any one is wondering!

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    I'm no pro but your diet and cardio sounds pretty sound, please keep me updated on your progress

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    ws6 kid, i'm starting a similar cycle, but i'm also adding t3 andclen in the mix..... my question is how is the prop and fina going for in the fat loss basis?????

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