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    How does it look?

    Just finished getting all my gear together for my upcoming cycle starting Monday. I wanted to get opinions and/or suggestions from everyone.
    Sustanon -500mgs. per week. Inject on Monday and Thursday.
    Deca .-400mgs. per week. Inject on Monday and Thursday.
    I don't plan on taking any anti-estrogens, but I have Nolvadex on hand in case any problems arise. I realize that won't do anything to combat Deca related problems, but at my dose I think I should be o.k. in the Deca area. And of course I have my Clomid ready for post cycle. Any thoughts?

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    sounds good all u need is clomid

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    nolvadex is not going to act fast enough anyway it's no good with prolactin ....just run bromo the whole way through

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