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Thread: T3 cycle

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    not tellin

    T3 cycle

    I would like to know how I should do a cycle of t3 and an eca or other new thermogenic together? will this work or is it a waste of money? I do plan on eating right and doing cardio 30 min. 4-5 times a week.

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    look in the educational threads, theres a lot of good info on that subj

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    Do a search bro, lots of good info on T3. I must warn you however, do NOT run T3 alone, if you hit up to 100mcg a day, you will start losing some serious muscle! Mad atrophy for some, others claim to be okay at a low dose, but still, don't risk it. Should be taken with a steroid , people usually like Winny, cuz it helps to cut and harden up the muscles.

    I'm not sure, but it might have been TNT or Cycleon who had a good post about taking T3, search their posts.

    Here it is, direct link to the thread:
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    you should always run T3 with an anabolic to help fight off the muscle loss associated with it---if your looking to drop BF then stick with a clean diet an OTC ECA stack

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