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    Exclamation ||Cycle Advice||

    My goal is to Bulk then Tone...

    Week 1: Sust 1amp
    Week 2: Sust 2amps
    Week 3: Sust 2amps
    Week 4: Sust 1amp
    Week 5: Winstrol Depot 3 amps (Everyother day)
    Week 6: Winstrol Depot 3 amps (Everyother day)

    Now after this i need an Anti-E cycle. and i dont know which one to choose...Novaldex or Clomid..and how would i run it?

    Should i add anything to my cycle? Im open to any suggestions... This is basically my cycle outline..but i might be adding more to stack sust with somthing or stack winny with open to any suggestions...

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    Your cycle seems way too short. If you're doing sust alone, then I'd at least do it for 8 weeks (I'd run it up to 16 weeks, but 8 weeks min). Also, the wistrol should be run for at least 4 weeks.

    You won't see much results doing such a short cycle and it will be a waste of money. If you can't affort more gear, then you should just wait and you'll be alot happier later on that you did.

    Not much sense adding anything to this cycle since it won't give you much for results.

    Do a search on cycles and see what other people are running. You can get good results on just running Sust and not stacking if you're new at this. I haven't had the chance to stack yet and I'm still making good results on just running Test En alone. I'm on my 8th week and I'm going to run it for another 8, then take Winny for 4 weeks, then some anti-e's.

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    Get a single ester test like enanthate or cypionate , drop the sus and do your cycle longer.


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    It's all wrong man.

    No offense, but you need to do more research. Your cycle outline is just plain wrong. What I would do is run Test prop and Winny for 6 weeks if you're looking for a short cycle. 6 weekers aren't bad as long as the esters are all short-acting.

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