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Thread: Is this enough?

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    Rogrog is offline New Member
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    Mar 2003

    Is this enough?

    I am 6' 7'' and around 285 Ibs, body fat around 20 - 22%

    I am starting my third cycle but am not sure if I am using the right percentage of Deca to Sust.

    I was thinking of:

    400 mg Deca x 8 weeks
    200 mg Sust x 8 weeks
    Weeks 6-10 30 mg Oxybolone e/d

    Nolvadex , Clomid and HCG on hand.

    I know the gear I have is genuine but I keep thinking I should up the amount of Sust.

    All thoughts and comments welcomed.


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    There is no place like ho
    okay first off 200mg of sustanon won't do squat. Definately up the sustanon. A good rule of thumb for me is to keep your test above or the same mg per deca , (if you stack test with deca). Sustanon is a tricky test because it has 4 test esters in it. Which in must studies should be injected EOD. I NORMALLY do 500mg of sustanon a week injecting ever 3-4 days, at least for the first 4 or so weeks. then you can space them out, due to the long flowing esters have kicked in.
    Also one final note, if this is your third cycle, I would consider extending both the deca and ths sustanon to 10 weeks, you will see better results IMO.

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    my recommendation here is to bump up the test a good amount to 750mg/wk.

    with your size and previous cycle experience i think 750/wk will give you results more to your liking, however you could always start at 500 and then bump up your dosages at the halfway point if you aren't staisfied.

    i agree with sic about extending this cycle to at least 10 weeks as well.

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    ya more test bro lots more at least go to 500mg to combat the sides of the deca

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    Put up the testosterone

    for sure!

    And, if you feel pain from injections, mix deca with Test. That surely reduces pain... if any!

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    Who makes 200mg sust?

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    Rogrog is offline New Member
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    Mar 2003
    Thanks alot guys,
    I have put the extra order in already. I am going up to 500 mgs as suggested, and running for 10 weeks.

    I was also intrested in your opinions on where is the best place to put your Deca . With all the extra Sust in the backside, would it be advisable to maybe put some/all into my bicep for example.
    Also, any thoughts on the Oxybolone would be of help. Some say early in the cycle others say towards the end after the Deca etc.
    What are your opinions?

    Dizzle, the Sust in 1ml (1mg) vials, I'm from the UK.

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    Apr 2003
    Your a very big boy, if i were you i would up the deca to 600mg/wk and a 250 mg shot of sust eod. the only reason in doing eod injections with the sust is to get the full effect of the prop in it.

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