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    Not sure - move a lot.

    Newbie cycle:It has been a challenge

    Well bro's - I'm off... it's been an interesting 12 weeks of Deca /Sust and my experience has been one of a kind.

    Things NOT to do while on your first ever cycle:

    1. Don't get busted by DTV for stealing their signal.
    2. Don't get an audit by the IRS for 3 years worth of taxes on a company you own.
    3. Don't decide to file for divorce.
    4. Don't decide at 10pm to drink the other 3/4 of a gallon of water to makeup for the day.
    5. Don't eat carbs before going to sleep on AS.
    6. Don't put so much weight on the leg press machine that you crack your rib and have to finish your cycle lifting with a damage chest cavity.
    7. Don't try and rationalize out of an argument with another bro who's 4 weeks into his Fina cycle.
    8. Don't try and inject 5 weeks of Winny ED...yup, had to drink it after 7 days of hell.
    9. Don't trust your source to give you the 'best cycle for your body' - it's all about price baby....

    and finally......

    10. Don't make up a batch of Fina right before the end of your cycle - it'll just make you want to add another 6 weeks on!

    WHEW... there's quite a bit more I could share but I'm feeling pretty emotional tonight. I wish I could just keep going and am dreading what I've read about clomid therapy and the next 12 weeks of off time. My life has been changed in many ways during this cycle, most of which have not been that good (not due to AS, but it didn't help too much).... I thank God for you bro's out there in cyber land who have helped me out through my KICK ASS growth and painful times.

    5'10 BF@16% Weight:173lbs

    Ended (12th week)
    5'10 BF@13% Weight:204lbs

    I'll post some end shots on my 'Newbies cycle' thread over in member's pics..

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    Hey friend !

    Sorry for the problems you had... But good luck on your next one... Maybe you should go aboard in the next one... Just kidding sorry...

    I am willing to do my first one in some time, and I wish I get none of your problems during mine!!

    And please PM me when you post your pics... It's good for knowing which cycle to do for sure... And, PM me if anything needed...

    But please, I am no DEALE.R, don't get me wrong !!

    Bye, and Good luck in your next cycle...
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    Not sure - move a lot.

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    nice gains sorry about all the f***ed up stuff that happened to you. sounds like you must be in for some good luck though

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    slyp, try to get the entire clomid emotional bullshit out of your head for now...i always know how im going to react and for the first few days im in denial that it im not going to experience the roller coaster but for me it is inevitable.

    you will be fine bro, i made it, didn't i?

    this next post-cycle im going to be running nolva instead of clomid par OG's advice to see if it works more effectively for me. if you have nolva and are worried about the clomid then maybe you should try it instead? just a thought and good luck.

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