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Thread: Fake QV

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    Fake QV

    With all the threads about quality fakes and tons of them around. Do you think it is still safe to purchase QV or would you go with a less counterfited brand? I know it's good stuff but if it's good enough quality to fool peoples sources then it's a tough call.


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    i hope its safe to get some bro i should be getting my decca and test soon and i hope it's real or i'm gonna be fukin people up

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    Hey bro, its pretty easy to spot a fake QV AS. First off they are cheap as hell to buy in Mexico. So they cant put allot of money into the packaging because if they do it eats up all the profit and its not worth it. Usually the hologram isnt shinny and it doesnt change when u move it. Also the label doesnt line up or theres miss spelling. If u saw one u would know it. Ohh and just because theres no serial number or lot number doesnt mean its fake. They change their packaging all the time. And the older ones didnt have them. Good luck!


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    a few other ways to tell on qv.. if you peel the hologram back, it will leave little dots on the bottle... real qv labels are rounded on the edges, and the hologram has a colored shine to it.....

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