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Thread: Test/deca/winny

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    Hey bros just want your feedback on this

    Deca 400 week - 1/8 week (norma)
    Sust 500 week - 1/8 week (organon)
    Winny 50 eod - 4/10 week (zanbon)

    now 2 choices :

    Proviron 50ed 1/8 week
    Novaldex 10 mg ed 1/8 week
    arimidex 0.5 ed 1/8 weeek

    Post theraphy

    hcg 1500iu 2x week 5/8 week
    clomid 100 ed 10/11 week
    50 ed 11/14 week

    SOunds ok?

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    I would run the cycle 10 weeks. If you can afford the winny ed, it would be a lot better. You can also bump the winny week 8-13 and start clomid the next day after your last winny shot. Use arimidex and have nolvadex on hand. No real need for hcg unless your balls shrink really bad.

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