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    Warming up injections, does it alter effect?

    Hey fellas,
    Couple of questions. I once read on here of some people warming up their winny amps to make the injections less painful. Well I thought, the same must work with sust, deca , etc. I usually shoot my friend up, and for about 20 minutes or so, he puts the sust amp in his sock. The amp against his body temperature gets the sus almost water like, as opposed to its thick cold like viscosity. I find that if there are any air bubbles they rise to the top much faster, the injection is admistered much faster, and he has less pain the day after. Not too mention not even feeling the injection. Sometimes we let the deca or sust amp sit in a glass of warm water (not hot) for a few minutes and it has the same effect.
    I recently mentioned this procees to a fellow friend (AS user) and he said it would alter the effectiveness of the AS. I highly doubt he is correct, is he? The amps are simply being brought to body temperature.
    My buddy doesn't even feel the sust shots to the delt, but he is a little sore the following day from it. Anyone else warm up their amps?
    Thanks fellas.

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    Warming up the oil makes it "thinner" so it's easier to draw up and to inject. As far as the temperature affecting the juice, it would have to get very hot, like over 250 degrees F to hurt it. Each substance has a different melting point and it is at that temperature that the bonds start to break and your juice turns into something else.

    I always run mine syringe under hot water for a minute or two prior to injecting. It makes the injection go alot smoother and faster, and although i've really never [aid much attention, it probably decreases the pain a little, too.


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    good advice.

    some do warm it first, me i never needed to really.

    the oil i use runs slow out of the 25g tip but nothing about an IM injection should be that quick.

    I take my time and inject slowly, i always get soreness so i stopped trying to prevent it heh

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    warming anything other than fina really doesn't do anything for me with regards to soreness or ease of injection...thinning out any BA that is present in a particular compound by heat does work, but it all matter how your body tolerates it.

    no amount of heating (to a safe temp) will prevent an inject from being sore if your body doesn't like what you are putting into it.

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