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    creatine and trib post cycle????

    after finishing a cycle i was thinking many people lose an amount of their gains and cannot gain any mass for a while afterwards. would it be wise to start taking creatine and a natural test raiser like tribulus after you had finished your cycle and your clomid, could this give you the chance to continue gaining muscle even after a mass building steroid cycle had finished, and would it possibly be beneficial to up your glutamine up to say 20 grams + a day with the creatine,tribulus etc to limit catabolic muscle loss.

    all intelligent comments welcome

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    I see no problem with this. Creatine will help you retain some size that you will lose post cycle, for me that is the hardest thing to deal with when coming off. Tribulus's effectiveness is questionable; but it won’t hurt. If you have the cash then in my opinion give it a try. Anything that will help restore test levels is a good thing. Glutamine is good as well, you don't need 20g/ED though, 10 would be fine.

    Hope this helps.


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