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    Thumbs up Done with cycle now what???

    Well am done with my pimo and i most say for my first cycle it worked well. I lost 7% body fat and keept my size. Well now am going to take 6 weeks of winny, I took one last night in my delt and it burned like crazy, is this normal? Also should i take some clen or can i just take some fat burner like cranker with the winny to help me cut for the summer. I want to lose some of the body fat now and am going to hit a heavier cycle in october. I went down from 32% to 24% bf but i got another 2 months and some winny to try and get the bf in the teens. Well bro's just give me your oppinions on what i should do and your thoughts on winny...... Thanks

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    Yes of course you can run a fat burner. Most people would go with ECA and Clen while doing Winny. Don't run the Winny for more then 5-6 weeks though. How much are you taking? 50mg a day? Are you taking the pills? Drinking the liquid? Or shooting it?

    You do have Clomid for after Winny right? Cuz you do need Clomid for Winny too. You did great on the cycle by losing 7% BF, that's great, now just keep it up.

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