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    questions for those who haven taken clen.

    what type of results did you get, and how long did it take before you started to notice a difference in your appearance?? also how much did you pay? the going rate around here is $150 for 100 pills. seems kinda steep to me, but i have no clue what it usually goes for.

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    150$ for a 100 clens is a tossed salad and a good anal raping if you ask me ( not that i know but whoa!!) who ever gave you that price, go back to them and say get ******!

    How long for a noticeable appearance?? I guess that all depends on you and your diet.

    results from it??-- I would not credit just the clen ?? since diet, hard work, t-3, cardio 7 days a week, resistance training, meal timing and a eca stack all played their role for me.

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    Bump what Abstrack said. If you follow his lead you should see results fast. I know I did. Oh I pic up clen for nothing I live pratically on MEX and I can claim it as it is legal. Get Spiropent .02mg in a white box with a black and yellow stripe in top......Oxyflux sucks.


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    I paid $130 for 100 pills. Its pretty expensive up by me here in michigan. Without proper diet and training, which includes cardio, then clen wont do squat for you.

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    150$ for 100 clen ....OH MY GOD
    I dont get them for cheap but I got 200 oxyflux for $50...You just got seriously raped..

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    well in reality clen would work without diet and cardio but obviously would work alot better with diet and cardio.

    clen works without diet bc it raises your body temp which in turn forces the body to burn fat.

    yes that is too much money for clen. you could get similar results from stacker 2 at a cheaper price.

    i took it 2 weeks on 2 weeks off, with an eca on the off weeks. noticed results the first week and the shakes went away after the first week as well.

    stay away from oxyflux clen, in my op it is garbage.

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