I bought 2 20 ml bottles of 50mg/ml Denkall Stanazolic Winstrol yesterday down in TJ and am concerned about some threads about fake gear going around. The batch dates are STD003 and the Exp Date is Oct 04. The batch looks to be printed the same as the rest of the label, but the label looks genuine (I've bought Denkall D-Bol down there before and the printing is the same). The bottle looks exactly the same as I have seen on the internet site. The security flap on the top is silver and mirrored, with the "seguridad" printed in dulled/(flat silver rather than mirrored and no color other than silver) font. I dont have the box to look at....left it down there myself. Under the flap is the metal cover still in place.

The ausvetdenkall webste is not updated, but lists the STD003 batch as Expiring in Oct 03.

Any help asap would be huge...Im itching to hit this stuff.