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    Is This Normal For This Cycle??

    Im in my 4th week of test enanthate (tornel)500/wk & euipoise(quality vet) 400/wk.IHAVE NOT EXPERIENCED ANY STRENGTH INCREASES YET but I have put on 10lbs already!!! I have been eating REALLY CLEAN but havent been eating that much. SO WHY HAVE I GAINED 10lbs and why NO STRENGTH YET? When should this combo kick in big time?
    Also are there any known quality vet or tornel fakes circulating

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    not real sure about the fakes bro, i seen good str gains at week 5 and on up, your probably holding some water to account for the 10 lbs just keep blasting through your workouts and eating a TON of good food. you need to also take in a gallon of water a day(or more)this will help keep you hydrated and you won't retain so much water.
    your cycle should be going good within the next week or two, both the eq and test take awhile to kick in that is why alot of bro's use d-bol or prop to jump start there cycle

    good luck remeber eat.. eat.. eat.. even after your cycle to maintain all those lbs you will be puttin on you will need to eat like crazy the rest of your lifting career to keep gaining


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    What's your height?

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    im beginning week 4 of my eq/enth cycle at the same dosages you are on and i have seen like 4 pounds of mass since starting...however strength has surged over the past several days since i felt the test kick on monday...

    im exactly the opposite of you bro, want to trade some of your mass for my strength?

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