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    Incomplete Cycle

    Hey guys,

    I was going to run my second cycle as follows:

    400mg/wk EQ
    200mg/wk Test Cyp
    30mg Dbol
    Clomid post cycle

    My problem is that my dbol arrival is running very late from source. Can i still run the EQ , test cycle without the dbol and expect good results?

    I am 6-1, 200#, about 12%bf. Intaking about 200 gms of protein and a good workout cycle.

    Please let me know.

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    I think you should run more test then that regardless of whether you have dbol or not. You can run it without dbol you just won't get the quick jump start. Do the Cyp at 400 mg a wk and run the cycle for 12 weeks if you can.

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    you dont really need the dbol . but id up your cyp to 400-500mg/wk. Also, raise the protein up to at least 250g/day. How many weeks are you planning on running those? I wouldnt go any less than 10.

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    you need to double your protein......wait on the dbol or add tren you need a strong androgenic to groooowwww

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    I always take in 2 X my body weight of protein every day.

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